#89 - Your Son’s Friend Flirts With You

Harry: Your son Daxon had invited his friend over for the day. You had no issue with this, as long as they weren`t causing any trouble. They had been up in Daxon’s room playing video games while you prepared a snack for the two adolescent boys. “Boys! The food’s ready!” you called, setting the small sandwiches on the table. The sound of footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs and the teenage boys entered the kitchen soon afterwards. “Thanks mom,” Daxon said, sitting down. “Yes thank you Mrs. Styles. And might I add you’re looking very lovely today.” You were taken aback by the sudden compliment. “Uh, thank you. Now eat your lunch boys.” They continued to talk about something and you went back to getting lunch ready for Harry, who would be home pretty soon. You couldn’t help but catch your son’s friend looking at you from the corner of your eyes. Harry came home shortly after the boys finished their lunch and headed back upstairs. “Hey babe,” he greeted with a kiss to your cheek. “Hey Haz, how was work?” you asked as you continued washing the plate. “Busy, but nothing out of the usual.” You nodded. “How was your day?” “Pretty good, Daxon has a friend over.” You chuckled adding, “He kept flirting with me at lunch.” Harry chuckled as well. “Well he better back off because I got you first.” You laughed at his statement. “Definitely babe.”


Liam: All of your son`s friends were respectful towards you and your husband, but Matt was the one who wanted to be a little more than friendly. The four of you were all sitting down for dinner one evening and you noticed that whenever you talked or asked a question, he would be the first one to reply. “Can you pass the salt please Liam?” Before your husband could even react, Matt had the slat right in front of you. “There you go Mrs. Payne,” he said politely. “Thanks…” you replied, taking it and using it. Liam eyed the kid suspiciously, but seemed to drop it. It got quiet again as everyone continued eating. “Mrs. Payne, did you know that the amount of dots a lady bug has is actually how old it is?” Your son looked at his friend funny. “Dude really?” he whispered, feeling embarrassed that his friend was hitting on his mom. “Uh, no I didn’t, thanks for telling me,” you answered awkwardly. “(Y/N), can I talk to you in the kitchen?” Liam asked. You nodded, putting your fork down and following Liam into the kitchen. “I don’t like the way he’s talking to you. It’s weird,” your husband whispered and you immediately knew what was going on. “Liam, you can’t honestly be jealous of a fifteen year old boy. He’s a teenager going through that weird teenager phase. It’s not a big deal,” you said, smiling at your husband’s unnecessary concern. You stood on your tip-toes, kissing him, and reassuring him that he was the only one for you.


Niall: You knew about it. Your son Logan had told you about his friend’s little crush on you after the first time you met him. Logan thought it was weird, but you knew it was just a crush. But you didn’t know how far this boy was willing to go until the afternoon he came over. “Hi Mrs. Horan,” your son’s friend said as he sat next to you on the couch. “Hi Cory, is Logan home?” you asked, moving away from him slightly. “Yeah, he’s upstairs working on his homework,” he replied. “Well, shouldn’t you go up and join him?” you continued, moving away from him again. “Well, I wanted to come talk to you instead, might I add that you’re looking very beautiful today.” You were beginning to get uncomfortable now. Before you knew it, Cory was leaning over you, his eyes closed and lips puckered. You didn’t want to be rude, but you wouldn’t let him do this. “Cory!” you exclaimed, shoving him off of you. Logan came down the stairs, noticing his friend on the floor. “Um, what happened?” he asked. You stood up and started making your way to the kitchen. “I think it’s time Cory went home,” you said, disappearing into the kitchen. Once you were out of earshot of the boys, you took out your phone. “Hey Niall? You’re never going to believe what just happened.”


Zayn: Your son, Keagan, was 5 and just learning to make new friends. He had just started pre-school and was having his first playdate today. Keagan’s friend, Max was a blonde haired, blue eyed boy, the complete opposite of Keagan, but his mother was nice and the two of you got along. When the two of them arrived at your home, Zayn invited them in. The five of you headed into the living room where the two boys began playing while the three grow-ups began to chat. The boys had been coloring for about 15 minutes and you, Zayn and Max’s mother Catharine were having a nice talk. You suddenly felt a light tap on your knee, causing you to turn you head and see Max standing in front of you. “Hello there,” you said with a smile. Without a word, he pulled his hand out from behind his back, his little cheeks turning red. You took the paper and saw that he had drawn a picture of some sort of animal. “It’s for you,” he said quietly before turning back and running to play with Keagan. You smiled, turning back to the adults. “Looks like someone has a little crush,” Zayn said with a smile as Catharine giggled to herself.


Louis: Your son Tyler had just graduated high school and you could tell he was relieved. He finally had the time to hang out with his friends, who you found were constantly over. Not that you had a problem with that, it’s just that they were always speaking their mind. One night, your son had one of his friends over and while they were in the living room, you were in the kitchen with your husband. You couldn`t help but overhear the conversation taking place in the next room. “God, your mom’s hot,” his friend Jessie said. “Ew, that’s my mom,” Tyler replied. “So? She’s still pretty attractive.” Louis was listening too, silently chuckling to himself. “Jessie, that’s not something I want to hear my friend say about my mom.” You could almost tell that Tyler was rolling his eyes. “Yeah, well I have tons of stuff about your mom that you wouldn’t want to hear,” Jessie said and your smile dropped. What was that supposed to mean? “Jessie I think you should leave,” you heard Tyler say. “What? Why man? I was just kidding.” “I don’t care, you’re being disrespectful to me, my mom and even my dad. I’m sorry but you need to leave.” Inside, you couldn’t help but feel proud. “That’s my boy,” Louis whispered. “Nobody talks about you like that.”

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