#44 - You Get Hurt When He’s On Tour (Part 1)

Harry: You were walking home from your friend’s house. It wasn’t too far from your flat and since Harry was away on tour, you didn’t have anybody to pick you up. It was getting late, and the sun was setting fast. You were only about a block away from your house when it happened. Out of nowhere, a strong arm grabbed yours and spun you around. You came face to face with a group of 4 boys a couple years younger than you. “What’s a pretty young thing like you doing out so late. That’s not safe,” one of them sneered while the others formed a circle around you. You clutched your bag to your chest, needed some sort of protection. “Uh, I just need to get home. Please, it’s just around the corner,” you said shakily, keeping your eyes to the ground. “Well, I’m afraid we can’t do that princess.” You shot your head up, giving the man a scared glare. “What are you going to do?” You mentally slapped yourself after saying that. One of the boys suddenly grabbed your hair and pulled you backwards. Your head jerked back and you let out a cry. The same guy grabbed your wrists and held them in a death grip. “We want you beautiful.” His hot breath his your face and you crinkled your nose. “No! Please, just take my bag. You can have my phone, my iPod, anything you want, just please let me go.” You were panicking as the harsh reality of what these boys wanted settled in the back of your mind. “Aw, c’mon, have some fun!” one exclaimed, pulling you out of one death grip and into another. Your head still ached and your wrists were already turning purple. The boy holding you now, pressed into your shoulders, making you cry out again and fall onto your knees. You tried to get back up but he made sure you stayed down. You tried with all your might to fight back these guys, but with four of them and only one of you, your body just gave up the fight. You felt your eyes start to droop as the boys beat you and did other things. Just as your eyes were closing, you saw five figures and yelling. Then your world turned black.

Liam: All day you had been feeling kind of sick. You had called Liam earlier and he could tell something was off so he told you to go lie down and if anything got worse, to call the doctor. “Li, I’ll be fine, I’m sure it’s just a small case of the flu,” you chuckled through the phone. “But (Y/N) I want you to feel better. I wish I was there to take care of you.” “I know Li, but just hearing your voice makes me feel a little better,” you said, hoping to calm him down a little. “Really?” “Yes really… Babe I need to go lie down, but I love you and we’ll talk soon okay?” you explained, your voice sounding extremely weak now. “Okay love. Be safe. Love you too,” he sighed. “Bye.” You hung up your phone and set it on the table next to the couch. You wanted to sleep and you figured if you left your phone downstairs, it wouldn’t disturb you. You started to slowly climb the stairs, gripping onto the railing so you wouldn’t fall. When you reached the top of the stairs, a wave of dizziness hit you hard, you took a couple steps forward, stumbling in the process and before you knew it, you were on the ground, out cold.

Niall: Ever since you and Niall had come out about your relationship, the fans had all reacted in different ways. Some of them absolutely loved you, some were just happy that Niall was happy and some absolutely despised you. You had grown to accept people’s opinions and to not let them bother you, but sometimes there was just no avoiding the hateful ones… As you walked out of the clothing store, bags on each arm, you began to head towards your car. “Oi!!! You!” someone shouted, making you turn on your heel. You saw no one so continued walking to the car. “Hey, I’m talking to you!” the same voice shouted. Again, you turned around and this time, an angry looking girl was headed your way. She looked ready to kill somebody. When she approached you, she wasted no time getting into your face. “You’re the bitch who took Niall huh?” “I didn’t take anybody!” you retaliated, having dealt with people like her before. “Bitch you’re gonna pay.” She took the bags off your arms and threw them to the ground. Her arm flew forwards towards your face. A loud smack and a harsh stinging sensation came on your cheek. The slap was enough to distract you from her grabbing your arm and twisting it backwards, making you cry out a little. You were able to attract the attention of bystanders. The girl kept twisting your arm and she was stronger than you thought. You heard a snap and an intense pain before she was pulled away from you. You grabbed onto your arm and winced as the pain shot through your shoulder. A kind Samaritan, came up to you and asked you if you needed help. You nodded through tears as the young lady helped you to her car and drove you to the hospital. What was Niall going to think when you told him?

Zayn: After Zayn had left for tour, you had taken a bad spill down the stairs, ending with a pretty bad concussion, a broken arm, and a couple broken ribs. You had already been in the hospital for a couple days, but still hadn’t bothered to tell Zayn. Of course, he had been calling and trying to get in touch with you but you had ignored them. It’s not that you didn’t want him to know, you just didn’t want him to worry while he was away. The last thing he needed was to be worrying about his girlfriend when he had so much things to do. But, one day you finally cracked. You needed to hear his voice. You didn’t have to tell him what happened, you just wanted to talk to him. So you picked up your phone next to the hospital bed and dialed his number. He picked up after the first ring. “(Y/N)! Oh my god boo! I was so worried. Are you okay?” he rambled off. “Hey, I’m fine Zayn. Calm down.” You heard him let out a sigh on the other end. “How come you were ignoring my calls?” he asked. “I, uh…” Damn! You couldn’t think of any excuse. Maybe if you told him sooner, this wouldn’t be so hard now. “Um, Zayn, if I tell you something, I need you to promise me you won’t freak out okay?” You could hear the nervousness in his voice when he replied. “I promise baby, please tell me…” “I’m in the hospital. I took a spill down the stairs, but I’m okay babe. Now I am at least. Please don’t worry.” You could hear the noise in the background disappear, alerting you that he must have moved into another room. “How come you didn’t tell me baby?” he asked, quite upset. “I didn’t want you to worry… You’re busy and need to get stuff done…” “Babe, that’s bullshit and you know it… I’m coming home. No arguments. I’ll see you in a few hours.”

Louis: You and your friend were at a club one night. You needed to get your mind off the fact that Louis was on tour and wouldn’t be back for a few months. Your body moved to the music and you felt a little better. Your friend had gone off to dance with some guy and just recently, a guy had come up and started dancing with you. You didn’t spot anything wrong with him so you went with it. It wasn’t until he started getting closer that you began to get uncomfortable. He gripped your hips and held you close to him. You tried to push away, but his grip was too tight. Now, you knew that this wasn’t right and began to freak out a little bit. He had moved both of your bodies closer to a small hallway, where there were hardly any people. His hands began to go places you didn’t want them to and you tried to push them away, but to no avail. They traveled up and started moving around between your legs. Tears began to stream down your face, thinking of Louis and wishing he was there more than anything. You felt disgusting as he began to go farther. Suddenly, as if by miracle, your friend was walking towards the bathroom where you were. You screamed out her name, catching her attention over the loud music. She took one glance at you and ran over, ripping the guy off of you. Your dress fell back down and you slid down the back of the wall as the security guys took the man away. Your friend came over to you and wrapped her arms around you. “Louis… I need Louis,” you gasped, shaking all over. “Okay, oh god… c’mon we’re going to the hospital. We’ll call Louis. C’mon.”

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