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Anonymous asked: You should post a selfie everyday

Aha people would get bored and unfollow me XD

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Anonymous asked: Are you going to do He Tries To Commit suicide for harry?

#114 babe. Already done xx

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Oh my god you guys… All of you deserve the biggest thank you in the whole world. I’m gonna post a video this weekend. I love you guys.

Oh my god you guys… All of you deserve the biggest thank you in the whole world. I’m gonna post a video this weekend. I love you guys.

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#133 - He Tries To Commit Suicide (Liam)

*trigger warning*

It was your worst nightmare. The silence, the blood, his unconscious body. It was like you were frozen in time as the paramedics pushed past you to get to your boyfriend, you stop the bleeding before it was too late. And what did you do? You stood there, praying that this was merely a nightmare. But when you were left alone to follow the ambulance, you realized that this was anything but.

As you finally arrived at the hospital, you were held back and put in the waiting room while they got Liam cleaned up. You kept replying the awful scene in your head.

You had just gotten home from work, arriving to an unusually quiet house. Normally Liam was right there to greet you but today was different. Today, there was no hello kiss and hug, and there was no Liam. Odd, considering his car was still there in the driveway. The concern struck up, as you ventured through the house, clearing room after room of his presence. When you got up the stairs though, you could recognize that the bathroom door was shut. The first thought that popped into your head was that he was having a shower. But when you listened closely, there was no water running. You began getting suspicious, and approached the bathroom door, knocking softly.

“Liam? You in there?” It was still silent. But there was a part of you that just knew he was in there. Turning the door knob, you pushed on the door, only to have it open slight before hitting some sort of mass. You furrowed your eyebrows, and stuck in your head in the opening, trying to see what was stopping the door. But the sight that greeted your eyes was not one you were expecting.

Liam’s unconscious body lay in a mangled mess, his wrist covered in his own blood. The rest of the events that followed were a blur up to now.

Now you were waiting. Your knee bounced in the uncomfortable hospital chair as you chewed on your nails. Finally after about 2 hours of waiting, a doctor came in, letting you know he was still unconscious but they had managed to stabilize him. You thanked him gratefully, rushing to Liam’s room.

When you got to him, the sight of his fragile body made your heart break. You didn’t waste any time getting to him, gently taking his hand and bringing it to your lips.

“Liam, I’m sorry… Please, wake up soon, I need you. You can’t leave me… Not now not ever… I love you.”

You swore that you would not leave his side until he woke up. You wanted to be there, to be the first face he saw, to show him that the minute he woke up, he had a reason to stay that way.

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Anonymous asked: You are the most beautiful girl on earth, you have a beautiful heart, and a blessed soul. Never let any one tell you you're anything less than a stunning kind girl. I love you so much!

You are such a sweetheart, I love you too! Xx thank you

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Anonymous asked: It really doesn't look like it but if you insist you have it's not a bad thing. It doesn't make you any less beautiful

Thanks love. I just feel gross aha. I’ll
Lose it again.