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Someone already requested that. Don’t worry, I’ll put the rest of them up soon enough darlin xx

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Anonymous: ya know, I don't follow you but I saw the picture you posted of your arm and I think that posting that shows you are brave as hell. & I'm extremely proud of you and you're absolutely amazing

Aha well wow… That means quite a bit. I have my older brother to thank for that. Those are his words, spoken to me out of the kindness of his heart. He’s what’s helped me get out of some of the deepest ruts. He’s the brave one for showing me his heart. But thank you again. It means a lot xx

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I’m not trying to glorify anything, and I know it’s shitty permanent marker, but when I’m older, I wanna get this tattooed as a reminder that no matter how awful I get, what my brother said will always be with me. And that he believes in me.

I’m not trying to glorify anything, and I know it’s shitty permanent marker, but when I’m older, I wanna get this tattooed as a reminder that no matter how awful I get, what my brother said will always be with me. And that he believes in me.

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Anonymous: Wow okay so I've liked this guy for about a month now, and tonight my best friend told me they had been sneaking behind my back and texting, talking, basically starting a relationship.. she said she didn't want to tell me because she didn't want to lose me as a friend and didn't want me to be mad... but I'm not mad, I'm just really hurt and feel betrayed.. I don't know what to do, I had to pull over on my way home because I couldn't breathe from crying... I'm a mess right now..

Hey, message me off anon okay? It’s gonna be okay, I just need you to breathe and if you’re comfortable, message me off anon so we can talk privately xx

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BSM #2 - You Have A Nightmare

Harry (age 7): The haunting images seemed to be glued in your young mind, monsters and creatures breaking you from your peaceful sleep. The last thing you wanted to do was wake anyone up, but with your over-active imagination, any little sound made you jump. Grabbing your favorite blanket, you ran into your older brother’s room, going over to his side and poking his shoulder repetitively until he woke up. “(Y/N)? What are you doing?” he groaned, his voice heavy with sleep. “Nightmare,” you whimpered, looking him with your big eyes. Sighing, he sat up, picking you up and laying you next to him on the bed. “Big brother won’t let any monsters get you okay? I’ll protect you, you know that.” Nodding, you snuggled against his arm, making sure him and your blanket were close around you so none of the monsters from your nightmare could get you.

Liam (age 13): You woke up in a cold sweat, the dream lingering in your brain, the gory, horrifying images from the movie continuing to stick. You knew you should’ve listened to Liam when he said it was too scary for you, but in your mind, you were mature enough. Wrong. Now you were sitting in bed, your eyes getting lost in the dark surroundings. You were too frightened to get out of bed, but you didn’t want to be alone, so you did the next best thing. “Liam!” you called, hoping it would be loud enough. 5 minutes passed but there was no reply. “Liam!” you called again, this time a little louder and that seemed to do the trick. His footsteps padded down the hallway and in seconds, your door opened. “What do you want (Y/N)?” he asked groggily. “I-I had a bad dream…” you stuttered out and a sigh left his mouth. “You watched the movie didn’t you?” Nodding you simply held out your arms. “I’m scared… please Liam…” Walking over to your bed, he slipped in next to you. “One night only,” he mumbled, wrapping his arm around you. “Now get some sleep. I’m here so you’re safe.”

Niall (age 5): “Niall!” you cried, shaking him trying to wake him up. You listened to him mumble turning over and peeking an eye open. “(Y/N), it’s late why are you awake?” “I scared,” you whimpered out, clutching your teddy bear to your chest. “Aw… why bug? You have a bad dream?” Niall asked sitting up and pulling you up onto his lap. “Bad dream, scary monsters,” you said quietly, curling up on your brother’s lap, continuing to hold on to your teddy bear. Rubbing your back he kissed your forehead. “Try and get some sleep bug, you can stay with me tonight. That way the monsters can’t get you, I promise they won’t, they’ll have to get through me first.” You giggled slightly, moving over to the empty side of his bed. Niall tucked you in, kissing your forehead again. “Wake me up if something’s wrong,” he said, laying back down and sighing tiredly. You smiled, closing your own eyes and turning towards him, slowly drifting back into a dreamless sleep.

Zayn (age 17): There was a reason you never held your own sleepovers or went to any. Night terrors were your worst enemy, and you were afraid of what everyone would think.  But your mum had forced you to go to one, and you had never been so scared in your life. The night seemed to drag on and by the time everyone was asleep, you were trying to stay awake. Eventually drifting off, you found yourself being sucked into the darkness, the horror flashing across your eyelids, unable to control any of it. Snapping your eyes open after only an hour of sleep, you hurried to grab your phone, gathering up your stuff and quietly sneaking downstairs, immediately calling Zayn. “Hello?” he asked groggily, obviously having being asleep. “Z-Zayn can you pick me up?” you whispered, your voice shaking. “(Y/N)? Yeah, yeah of course, I’ll be right there.” Hanging up, you opened the door, leaving without a note or anything, just wanting to get away from there. Sitting on the front step„ you thought about how Zayn was really the only one who understood and actually knew how to deal with these. It wasn’t long until he was in front of the dark house, getting out as you walked towards him. “You had another one didn’t you…?” he asked quietly, taking your bag and throwing it in the back seat. Nodding quietly, you got in the passenger side and played with your hands. “Well it’s okay, okay? We’ll get home and you can hang out with me tonight.” He was trying to lighten the mood, and you couldn’t help but smile slightly. “Sounds great.”

Louis: (age 11): Tossing and turning, incoherent whimpers left your mouth as you unconsciously tried to fight off the monsters in your head. These weren’t common, but they did happen, as they did with most children. Being deep into the sleep, you were unable to hear your older brother coming into your bedroom and sitting on your bed. “(Y/N), c’mon wake up sweetie,” he said quietly, but there was no luck in getting you to wake up. “(Y/N),” he repeated louder, and in your mind, you could kind of hear him. “Louis?!” you cried out, trying to run towards his voice, reaching out. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed your arms and you screamed, waking up with a start and immediately seeing your big brother. “L-Louis!” you exclaimed, sitting up and throwing your arms around his neck. “Jesus (Y/N) are you okay?” he asked, hugging you back even tighter. “I was having a nightmare…” you whispered out. “It was scary,” you continued to say, causing Louis to chuckle slightly. “No kidding… Did you want me to stay with you tonight?” he asked, letting you go briefly. “Would you?” you asked with a small voice, moving over for him slightly. “Of course.” The two of you settled in your smaller bed, causing Louis to put both his arms protectively around you. “Night baby,’ he said with a yawn, both of you drifting off.

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Anonymous: Hey I don't how this requesting thing works but um would you do a preference based off the song falsetto by the dream plzz

On the list love xx thank you

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Sometimes I get bored.

Sometimes I get bored.

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When I was extremely suicidal this past year, I remember my older brother taking me out for coffee. He spoke to me like no one else had. He revealed stuff to me that not even his dad knew. And the last thing he said before taking my blades away was, “Treat yourself like the goddess you truly are,” and I don’t think I’ve ever heard something so kind come out of someone like him.

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#154 - Silent Hugs

Harry: When he comes home late at night, you’re already fast asleep, curled up in bed with your back facing the door. He sneaks in, kicking his shoes off, and slipping his jacket off, leaving it on the desk chair for the night. He keeps his eyes on you, pulling back the blankets briefly and slipping in behind you.  Trying not to wake you up, he wrapped his arms around you, hugging you to his chest lightly, smiling as you remained undisturbed. He kissed the back on your neck, nuzzling into it and closing his eyes, drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

Liam: His voice is clearly stressed as he speaks  on the phone with his manager, trying to argue his point but not getting a word in edgewise. Finally, Liam gave up, replying with “okay,” or “yeah,” hanging up as soon as he could. He rested his hands on the counter, letting out a defeated sigh. You didn’t want to say anything, because you didn’t know what to say honestly. But you did know of one thing you could do. Approaching him quietly, you came up behind him, letting your arms snake around his waist as you rested your cheek against his shoulder. You felt him relax underneath you as he silently turned around to hold you back, knowing if anything, you would be able to help him relax.

Niall: It’s when you come home from a shopping trip, having left Niall alone for the day. The minute the door is shut, your boyfriend is jogging up to you with a goofy smile on his face and wrapping you up in one of his bear hugs. You smile, wrapping your arms around him as well. His breathing tickles your neck slightly, and you can’t help but smile wider. These were what you loved coming home to. Silence and the warm embrace of your boyfriend.

Zayn: It’s when he sees you on the couch, silent tears rolling down your face. Your hands are clasped on your lap, and you just couldn’t get the depressed feeling out of your system. Zayn notices immediately, walking over quietly, causing you to look up. Before you can say anything in your defense, Zayn shakes his head, sitting next to you and immediately pulling you into his arms tightly. You squeezed your eyes  shut, taking handfuls of his shirt and squeezing him tightly. When he squeezed back tighter, you understood then that you didn’t have to hide from him. He would see through it anyways.

Louis: It’s late at night, the first night with your new baby, and so far, there was no sign of the crying letting up. Louis had taken the initiative to get up and try to get her to stop, because you were already exhausted from the long hours of labor. Louis was doing his best to get her to stop, feeding, burping, rocking, but nothing seemed to be working. It was starting to get to you, so finally after about an hour of him being gone, you got up, walking as quick as your tired body would to the nursery. But just as you were about to walk in the door, the crying died down and all was quiet, finally. Louis set the baby back in her crib, turning around and  immediately seeing you. He smiled softly, coming towards you and quietly wrapping his arms around you, showing you that everything was okay now. You held onto him, closing your eyes and he quickly took the hint, getting you both back to bed before she woke up again.

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Anonymous: Hey! Great blog! I was wondering if you could do a pref where he's your teacher and you fall in love/are in a relationship?

I might. I don’t really do AU’s, but I can consider it xx thank you love

Jul 14, 2014
Anonymous: Blurb about getting a tattoo with Zayn?

He’s so used to it but it’s your first, so he knows what’s coming and you don’t. On the car ride there, he reassures you that after a while it doesn’t hurt as bad anymore. But you were still hesitant. When you get to the tattoo parlour, you walk in with an optimistic mind, just wanting to do this quick. As per request, you wanted to be with Zayn as you both yours done. Easy enough request to fulfill. When the moment finally came, Zayn smiles at you reassuringly, reaching out and squeezing your hand, as both the artists start the matching tattoos. Within two hours, you’re all done, leaving with instructions of how to take care of it and a new experience behind you.

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lovethathoran: Can you make a bsm where he saves your life please and twank u

Yeah (: I wanna do more BSM’s (: thank you

Jul 14, 2014
Anonymous: Blurb about you and Liam at Disney!!

It’s like going back ten years. The two of you are no longer the grown ups you are outside. This is the place where all that disappears. The perfect thing was there was no cameras. None but your own. You guys attempt to ride every ride you can, making a challenge out of it. It’s freedom for you and Liam, as if you’re in your natural element. You two can be kids again, without any outside stress, taking pictures with characters, eating as much as you want, and just having fun as a happy couple.

Send in blurb requests :)

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Anonymous: Blurb about how Harry holds you close when you have a bad day?

He notices your saddened figure on the couch, quietly walking over to you. He listens as you sniffle slightly, not even looking up to acknowledge his presence. With a silent sigh, he wraps his arms around you, lifting you up so you’re on his lap, moving to cradle you. “It’s okay,” is all he whispers, cradling you on his chest, letting you listen to his soothing heartbeat. You felt his warm arms around you, snuggling into him further. You just wanted comfort, and the only place you could truly feel that was in Harry’s arms.

Send in blurb requests :)

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its1dimagination: A blurb about how Niall acts when you're ill please :)

When you’re sick, Niall’s on top of everything. If you need a tissue, he’s up getting one for you, if you’re hungry, he’ll make you soup. You were truly grateful for all he does, but regardless of how much of of a fuss you put up, he insists. “My princess is sick, therefore she doesn’t have to do anything. The faster she’s healthy, the faster she’s happy.” That’s what he wanted. He wanted you happy and healthy. When you insisted that his cuddles would work best, he would just smiled, slipping in next to you and holding you tight.

Send in blurb requests :)

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