One Direction Preferences

5 Boys, 1 Band, Millons Of Lives Saved

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Anonymous asked: Dude, you have to see bastille cover Miley cyrus' we can't stop, they kicked ass! I'm not sure if you're into them of not but, any body would love this song, sorry I'm on anon I'm just too lazy to login.<3

Bastille is definitely one of my favorite bands and I have seen it! It’s freaking aamaZing!

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Anonymous asked: For how long are you writing preferences yet?

What do you mean love?

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Anonymous asked: "he catches you masturbating louis" dirty preference? ill love u forever

That’ll be the next dirty preference love

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Anonymous asked: How many followers do you have?

3909 (: all of them amazing

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Anonymous asked: Hey babe, can you please do a punk series, it's just that you're a great writer, and I thought you'd do a fetch job!( sorreh I just watched mean girl for the billionth time today, I'll stop trying to make fetch happen). Lawl admitting I have a problem is the first step to getting help, " hi I'm Mimi and I'm addicted to making mean girl references." HOYCRAIC! I'm the queen at losing train of thought but it would mean the moon n back if you even read my crap.

Well if you could give me an idea of how to even write a punk series that would be wonderful! Aha you seem
Pretty sweet. Come off anon! I’ll read your stuff I gotta know who you are first aha

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Anonymous asked: Blurb: You tell him that you are really sick - Niall

Cancer. One word that no one wants to hear come out of their loved one’s mouth. Niall was no different. When the doctor gave you the news you were in tears completely. They had caught it early but still. When you got home, Niall was waiting, hoping for the best news. That wasn’t what he was going to get today. “Ni?” you called out weakly, wanting to get this over with. “In the living room princess.” You followed his voice to the living room, where he was just standing up from the couch. “Hey, how was it?” he asked, a smile on his face as he came over to give you a hug. “Niall I…” The smile faded as he saw the distraught look on your face. “Everything’s okay right?” Looking down, his arms tightened, holding your arms. “Niall… the doctor said that I have cancer… But before you freak out, they caught it early enough and I have another appointment in two days.” Niall already had tears streaming down his face. “C-cancer…?” You only nodded. You weren’t expecting him to be okay after you told him that, but knowing there was a good chance that you would still be okay, made the drastic situation better than it could be. And Niall would be there until the very end.