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Song Preference #8 - ‘Beside You’ by 5 Seconds Of Summer

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Harry: “Within a minute I was all packed up, I’ve got a ticket to another world. I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go. The silent words are hard to speak, when your thoughts are all I see. “Don’t ever leave,” she said to me.”

“I think I’m all packed,” he sighed, zipping up the last suitcase and setting it on the bedroom floor. You smiled small, nodding in reply. “Yup. Looks like it.” The room grew quiet, both of you staying still as a million thoughts ran through your heads. “I don’t wanna go…” he said after a while with a small pout, looking towards you with green, sad eyes. “I don’t want you to go either baby… But it’s your job so you don’t really have a choice.” “I know, I know,” he replied, chuckling softly before another silence took over the bedroom. You stood up, wiping your hands on your jeans, looking at your boyfriend with a weak smile. No matter how many times he had to go away, it never got easier. “I can see right through your strong face (Y/N), I know what you’re thinking and I know you’re not happy. Your eyes say it all baby, and I don’t want you to be sad because I’m coming back, you know I will. I always do…” he reassured. “You promise you won’t ever leave me?” you asked like a small child, chewing on your lip. Harry shook his head, walking up to you and putting his arms around your shoulders, pulling you into his relaxing scent and strong chest, his arms tightening up around you. “I would never…” Your eyes closed as you attempted to take all of him for the last time for a few months. “Don’t ever leave…”

Liam: “When we both fall asleep underneath the same sky, to the beat of our hearts at the same time. So close, but so far away. (Can you hear me?)”

(His P.O.V.)

I lay in the large hotel bed, thinking of her. I missed her so much, and these past few months had been getting harder. Every night, I would stare at the ceiling, unable to sleep with the thought of her in my mind. We weren’t even that far away, only a state over. It was nice to know she was peacefully asleep at the same time I was supposed to be. I liked to imagine her resting on my chest, listening to my heartbeat until she fell asleep. For some reason that seemed to relax her and I honestly had no problem with it. It was so cute. You learn to miss the little things like that when you’re away from someone you love so much. I missed the way she would do her makeup in the morning and leave it on the counter. It wasn’t messy; it was just a sign that she was actually there with me. I also really missed the way she would come up behind me in the morning, placing a lazy kiss on the back of my neck before going to get her morning beverage. I could just picture her in her natural state, her most beautiful state. At least I would be home soon, and I would be able to enjoy the little things about being with her once again.

Niall: She sleeps alone. My heart wants to come home. I wish I was, I wish I was, beside you. She lies awake. I’m trying to find the words to say. I wish I was, I wish I was beside you.”

(His P.O.V.)

“I hate sleeping alone…” she mumbled on the other end of the phone. The exhaustion was obvious in her words as she tried to stay awake. “But princess, you need to sleep. Seriously. I can tell and I’m not even looking at you…” “Niall, I can’t sleep… I told you that.” I sighed, not knowing how to help the problem. I wanted nothing more than to be home with her wrapped up in my arms, fast asleep. “You need to sleep. Now how can I help you to sleep? I obviously can’t be there at the moment, but there must be something I can do. Anything.” Waiting for a response, I waited to get an answer from her. “Can… can you maybe sing to me? That might help a little,” she requested, sounding so vulnerable like a child. “Of course.” The first song that popped into my head was Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran. She loved that song more than any other, so I was hoping it would help her get to sleep. “Another day, another life passes by just like mine, it’s not complicated…” “Float down… like autumn leaves, and hush now, close your eyes before the sleep…” As I continued the song, I heard her breathing get softer and softer. I finished with the last lyrics. “And we’ll live forever now…” There was no reply when I finished, and I mentally sighed. She had finally fallen asleep. “Love you baby…” I whispered before hanging up, not knowing how much longer I could last without her.

Zayn: Another day and I’m somewhere new. I made a promise that I’ll come home soon. Bring me back, bring me back to you.”

“Hey boo, it’s me. You’re probably asleep but I just wanted to let you know that we’ve landed in LA. It’s our last show and honestly, I’m kinda grateful. I miss you so much and as much fun as I’m having, I’m also really looking forward to getting back home to you. Everyone is getting pretty tired, our energy is running low. But it’s all worth it. We’ve had a blast, the fans have been great. You should’ve heard them sing along last night, man it was so amazing. It almost brought a tear to my eye. But anyways, I’m really looking forwards to see you again. Skype just doesn’t do it anymore. One more sleep boo. One more sleep and I’ll be there. I swear I’m gonna hug you so tight and so long. You’ll probably get sick of me. Kidding, kidding… but I will be clingy. I know you don’t mind that to an extent. Anyways… baby I gotta go. We’re on the way to the arena for rehearsal and then the show. You’ll probably be waking up pretty soon so just remember that I love you to the ends of this earth and farther. I’ll be thinking of you tonight. Have a wonderful day baby. Love you.”

Louis: The pieces of us both, under every city light. And they’re shining as we fade into the night.”

(His P.O.V.)

“I can’t believe I’m home…” I said, looking at her tired face, still beautiful as ever. The moonlight hit it just perfectly through the curtains, lighting up her face just enough so I could see the happy sparkle in her eyes. “I’m so glad you are… I missed you so much,” she replied just above a whisper. I lifted my hand to brush some loose hair from her face. Kissing her forehead, I let my lips linger. “I missed you too.” The room grew silent again as I pulled my lips back slightly from her to look into her eyes. I know it must’ve been kind of strange for staring, but I was just starting to notice the little things again. The tiny freckles on her cheeks and her pink soft lips. I noticed how her pupils took up most of her iris, considering it was dark, but it made her look more childish in a way. A good way of course. This girl could have anything on or any little blemish and she’d still look amazing. It felt amazing to be able to touch her again, to feel the softness of her skin as I brushed my fingertips over it, causing small goose bumps to rise. Her eyes began to droop as she tried to fight away sleep. But she just couldn’t. “Sleep sweetheart. I’m here now, and I’m not going anywhere for a very long time,” I reassured, wanting to make sure she had a good sleep. (Y/N) simply nodded, a lazy grin on her lips as she shut her eyes, falling asleep almost instantly. My sweet angel… My god how I’ve missed this girl.

Anonymous asked: Will you do a bsm preference of how he copes with your suicide? I'm in love with your account tbh, though. I wanna take it to Vegas and marry it :p

I don’t know love. I’ll have to consider it because it’s a very very serious topic. But as for your compliment, thank you aha. That’s a little weird but flattering.

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Oh wow. That’s a huge compliment! That actually means so much to me! Thank you do much! I won’t be stopping for a while xx

Why go anywhere else when you can come see the giant penis shaped sausage in Alberta.

Why go anywhere else when you can come see the giant penis shaped sausage in Alberta.

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Yeah… XD I’m clueless


part 21/?

Louis Tomlinson appreciation post 

Harry | Zayn | Niall | Liam

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I want to start writing the Punk Preferences again, but I also would love to know if anyone could help me with making edits and stuff. So if someone could help me with edits, I’ll work on the next Punk Preference aha xx it would be great lovelies, thank you xx
No one could ever replace my baby girl and I can’t wait until she comes back xx
I took this selfie in one shot and I’m pretty proud

I took this selfie in one shot and I’m pretty proud

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BSM #3 - You’re Sick On Tour

Harry: (age 5) Tugging on your big brother’s pant leg, he looked down at your pale sweaty face. “Hey guys, can you give me a minute please?” he said, before scooping you up and carrying you away from all the noise. “Baby what’s wrong?” Harry asked, shutting the door to the dressing room and setting you on his lap as he sat on the couch. “I don’t feel good,” you whimpered, resting your head on his shoulder. He brushed some sweaty hair away from your forehead, racking his mind with what to do. “I’m taking you back to the hotel and we’re gonna fly home tomorrow okay? You can’t keep travelling if you’re like this.” “But Haz, I having fun,” you pouted, sniffling. “I know baby, but we gotta get you healthy first. Then we’ll see about getting you back on tour with us. I’ll get you home and then come back and you can keep me updated okay?” Nodding weakly, your eyes closing out of exhaustion.

Liam: (age 11) Leaning over the toilet for the third time this night, Liam sat behind you yet again, holding your hair back. You had contracted nasty food poisoning during the tour and were now suffering greatly from dinner the night before. Niall and Zayn were also suffering in their own room, while the other boys, including Liam were silently thanking the heavens they were busy that night. “It’s okay (Y/N),” he said softly, rubbing you back and pulling you back against his chest once you were done. He set the cool cloth back on your forehead, frowning at your weak state. “I don’t like food poisoning,” you whined, your throat raw from the acidic vomit. “I know sweetie, but it’ll be over soon,” he soothed, rubbing small circles over your tummy. “Until then, let’s get you back to bed. I’ll stay with you so if anything happens you just wake me up, and I’ll be there.”

Niall: (age 7) Sniffling, you sat next to Niall on the tour bus as he tightened the blanket around you. You were still a few hours away from your next location, so you and the boys were quietly watching a movie. You weren’t extremely ill, but you had managed to contract a small cold along the way and the lack of sleep was making it worse than it really was. “Do you need anything?” he asked quietly, rubbing your back softly and handing you a new tissue. You shook your head, keeping your tired eyes focused on the movie as he nodded slightly and did the same. After the movie was over, the boys decided that it was late enough to head to bed, wanting to be rested up for the show tomorrow night. Niall picked you up, carrying you back into the bunk area, bringing you to his. “You’re gonna stay with me tonight okay? So I can monitor you and make sure it doesn’t get worse.” You simply nodded, just wanting to sleep. Curling up in the blanket, he crawled in after you, shutting the curtain. “Wake me if you need anything.”

Zayn: (age 16) “Zayn, I’m fine, really,” you insisted, trying to push your brother’s questions away. “(Y/N), you’re extremely pale, obviously you’re not okay,” he pushed, leading you away from the other boys. “Zayn!” you huffed, annoyed that he wouldn’t just leave you be. You felt awful, but you didn’t want him, or anyone else to worry about you, especially since there was only an hour left until the final show. “Fine, fine. But if anything changes, you better tell me,” he said firmly, going off hesitantly to join the boys for one final rehearsal. You put a hand to your head, going to find somewhere to sit. After the show was over, the six of you were heading back to the busses. You were staying close to Zayn, feeling extremely dizzy now.  You were only three steps away from the bus when your legs became too weak, falling forwards and hitting Zayn’s back, causing him to turn around quickly and catch you, just before your head made contact with the concrete. “Shit…” Zayn was quick to get you onto the bus, Niall grabbing a cold cloth and Harry grabbing a pillow to rest your head on. “We need to get her to a doctor,” Liam mumbled, getting Paul on the phone. “You should’ve told me (Y/N)… You should’ve told me…” 

Louis: (age 4) “Louis I think your sister’s calling you,” Harry said looking back towards the bunk on the bus. It was then Louis heard your small voice, noticing something was off and getting up quickly. “(Y/N) baby?” he asked quietly, pulling back the privacy curtain and kneeling next to you. “Lou I hurt,” you whimpered pulling your teddy bear closer. “What hurts?” he asked sitting you up slightly. “Tummy.” Louis’ eyebrows furrowed with concern, sitting you up more and resting his hand against your forehead. “You’re really warm too… Maybe we should take you to the clinic,” he said, thinking aloud. Whimpering again, his thoughts were confirmed as he picked you up, carrying you out into the main area. “Guys, I know it’s late but I gotta get (Y/N) to a clinic, can someone drive us?” he asked, looking around. “I’ll take you guys,” Harry said, getting up and coming over looking at you. “Yeah, we better go now…” The three of you left quickly, wanting to get you better as quick as possible.

#177 - “Maybe We Should Take A Break

Harry: “What do you mean (Y/N),” he said, his voice now full of fear instead of anger. “I said, maybe we should take a break Harry.” Shaking his head quickly, he kept mumbling ‘no’ under his breath, walking over to you and engulfing you in his arms, crushing you into his chest. “No… if we take a break, we won’t ever have the same relationship again. I’m sorry for all the fighting; I don’t want to fight with you please… I’ll put more effort in I swear…” You sighed into his shoulders, your arms that were once loose at your sides, working their way around his waist as the two of you relaxed a little. “I will too. We’ll try one more time. I’m sorry Haz…” “I’m sorry too kitten. I love you.”

Liam: “Do you know what happen to couples that take a break Liam, they’re never the same. Even if they do end up back together, they don’t usually last. I don’t want that for us Liam, I love you to death, and I’m so sorry… for everything I’ve ever done to make you think this way.” The tired looking man standing in front of you ran a hand over his face, shaking his head in a defeated manor. “(Y/N), I’ve heard you apologize so many times… when does it end? The unnecessary fighting. I feel like you’re always trying to pick a fight with me, and I have no idea what I’ve done.” Your eyes welled up with tears because you knew he was right. “I’m sorry Liam… I don’t know either…” He came over, sitting next to you on the couch, keeping his distance. “I won’t leave… but we need to work on this okay? We deserve to be happy. So, if I try and help you work on this, will you allow it?” he asked softly, looking at you. You nodded quickly in response. “I promise I will Liam. I promise.”

Niall: “Why would you even say that?” he asked firmly, his hands pressed against the counter top. “Because Niall! You think I enjoy seeing constant picture of you with beautiful women and having you come home late when I don’t even know where you are? It’s stressing me the fuck out because I don’t know what happens because you don’t tell me anything!” you exclaimed, answering his question clearly. Niall’s face went from firm to guilty in seconds. The room got quiet, and the only thing that could be heard was your defeated sigh. “I don’t want to take a break, but… but maybe it’s for the best.” “(Y/N)… no… you’re right and I’m sorry…” he said quietly, his voice softer. “I know you are Niall, but it’s going to take more than a simple apology… I love you, but I don’t know what to do anymore,” you said, trying to hold it together, turning and walking upstairs. 

Zayn: “No Zayn, don’t!” you said with a steady stream of tears falling down your cheeks. “You don’t mean that… you don’t mean it.” “Maybe I do (Y/N). Maybe we do need a break. We’re both stressed, we’re both putting even more stress on each other, it sure seems like we need a break from each other,” he replied with a eerily calm tone in his voice. You sniffled, putting a hand over your mouth and turning away from him, not wanting him to see you cry anymore. “Fine…” you choked out. “Just leave then. Do what you need to do but realize that I don’t think this is the best idea for us. I don’t want to lose you, but I guess I can’t stop you.” “(Y/N)…” he said, sighing sadly. “Don’t… you made your choice.”

Louis: “(Y/N) please don’t leave…” Louis said, moving to stand in front of the door to block you from leaving. “Louis, I’m not leaving for good, I just think we need a break, so I’m going to stay with my parents for a couple nights and then we’ll see what happens okay?” The look on Louis’ face broke your heart, but you tried to avoid it at all costs. “No, we can work it out right now. Please.” “Louis I can’t talk to you right now okay? Neither of us are in the right place, we’ll just end up fighting again. So please just move out of the way and I’ll call you in a couple days. We’ll see what happens then.” He hesitated but eventually moved out of the way, leaning over to kiss your cheek. “Okay… just promise you’ll call…” Nodding you smiled weakly at him. “I promise. Talk to you later Louis…” You opened the door, walking out and shutting behind you, missing the soft ‘I love you,” Louis whispered before you left.

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