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Anonymous: what blog do I re-request it in? and thankyouu:)

I linked it in the answer lovely

Jul 23, 2014

I need someone who’ll come over and dye their hair with me at 3:00am. And literally any colour because lets live a little.

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Anonymous: can you make a preference where Harry and this girl are masturbating infront of each other and it's her first time so in the middle of it harry starts eating her out and fingers her?

If it would just be Harry, I’d post it here lovely I can try okay? xx If you could just re-request it on that blog, that would be wonderful xx

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This movie is my life

This movie is my life

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#156 - Mornings

Harry: They’re spent cuddled up until of of you decides to get up, much to the others discontent. 

Liam: They’re spent lazily, you usually waking up first, only to look over and see Liam cuddled into your side.

Niall: They’re spent cooking breakfast, laughing and talking in the time you have together before tour starts again.

Zayn: Mornings are almost non-existent as you two sleep through it, waking up early afternoon.

Louis: They’re early. He wakes up at the crack of dawn, leaving there room quietly to prepare breakfast for when you wake up.

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Anonymous: I love the If You Say So preference! I was thinking, maybe you could do the song Cannon Ball by Lea Michele, as sort of a part two of it? If you understand c:

I’ll check it out! thank you!! xx

Jul 22, 2014


^^ New writer! Check them out, give them the chance! Thank you guys xx

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Anonymous: This guy I like is accusing me of catfishing him right now. Because me and this "girl" have the same color eyes. Idk what to do like he is literally my best friend and he's doing this. He's the one who falls for girls he finds on Facebook and there is no way I can prove to him I didn't do this..

Oh gosh… Um… Honestly, he just needs to smarten up a bit. Like he’s your best friend, he should trust you when you say you’re not doing anything of the sort. I’m so sorry I’m not much help, but that’s kinda crazy for him to think.

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Anonymous: wtf u still haven't fucking done a sex fanfic that people have been asking for, for forever? and now you want to do a fucking regular fanfic? i fucking hate u ur selfish as fuck toss some fucking sex fanfics idek wtf is worng with u i swear to im fucking unfollowing u bitch.

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Anonymous: Hmm.. why dont you start the pregnancy series? (:

aha I have all of Harry’s parts done, but I want them all to be done before I publish them xx

Jul 20, 2014

I don’t know what to write for the next regular preference :/ Hmmm?

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Anonymous: You're welcome! I'm glad it does! (:

<3<3<3<3 :) xx

Jul 20, 2014
Anonymous: Hi!!! You're literally the only blog on here with imagines, preferences, etc that I love! 😍 ily and stay fab! 😘💘💁

Aww Love you too!!! Thank you so so so so much! <3 means so much 

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Anonymous: hi so I wanted to read preference #140 - One Of His Bandmates Passes Away and all that came up were numbers like this 5,1925,1925,1925,1925,1925,1925,1925,1925,1925,192? So its just everytime I click on one of your preference a bunch of numbers just come up instead and I really want to read your preferences but its not working so can u please help? Thank u so, so, so much if u decide 2 help me!

Oh gosh! I want to help but… I don’t even know why it’s doing that! I’ll try to fix the problem ASAP, keep me updated, I hope it works xx

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